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Landmark Preservation Campaign

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Take Advantage Of This Opportunity To Help Preserve the Bradley House

To donate to the Landmark Preservation Fund, please click on the button below…

For the first time in its 100+ year history, the B. Harley Bradley House, now fully restored to Frank Lloyd Wright’s original vision, is totally available to the public to visit and experience. Making it accessible is Wright In Kankakee, the nonprofit organization which owns and manages the House.

The Bradley House is an immense treasure for the Kankakee County area and all the world. There have been visitors from over twenty countries and 49 states. Keeping it open and operating are Volunteers, Members, and Donors. Their many and varied contributions included money to help retire the $1.7-million mortgage in 2020. 

So please help today: Click the Donate button above and make a generous contribution to the Landmark Preservation Fund. The success of maintaining this fund means the B. Harley Bradley House will remain the world-class architectural landmark it now is, available for all to share.

For more information, phone 815 936.9630 or email: Thank you very much!