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Educational Center Lab

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Experience art, science, technology and architecture at the Frank Lloyd Wright B. Harley Bradley House

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The B. Harley Bradley House provides an Educational Lab in the unique location of this historic House. Students in grade levels third through eighth or family groups can experience science, technology, engineering, art/architecture and mathematics first hand by drafting, creating art glass images, drawing and building with Legos, Froebel Blocks and Lincoln Logs. 

A two or four hour class field trip or family gathering exposes all ages to the built environment professions and trades. Suggested class or family size of 24 students, minimum of 8; $5.00 per student for two hour or four hour for $10.00.

A staff lead class field trip or family visit consists of: 

  • Tour of the B. Harley Bradley House Living and Dining Room 
  • Introduction to the Lab, its amenities and possibilities 
  • History of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design philosophy and practical application 
  • Drafting and/or art design in the Drafting Studio 
  • Design/Build experience using Legos, Lincoln Logs and Froebel Blocks 
  • Art glass window design project with take-home window sun catcher 
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Students comments: 

  • “My favorite part was the lower level because you are able to experience what it would be like to be an architect.” 
  • “My favorite part was the bottom floor because we got to draw, make a stained glass window, play with Lincoln Logs and Legos.” 
  • “I had so much fun doing the activities in the learning lab that I could not believe a whole hour had gone by.”
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