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Meet travelers from around the world that appreciate this world-class landmark!

You can help the B. Harley Bradley House project team by volunteering in a number of ways, including:

  • Interpreters lead historical tours for guests during regular hours and by appointment with groups that prearrange on other days. Volunteers sign up for standard 1 hour tours on Sundays at 12:30 p.m or 1:30 p.m.  Volunteers can also sign up for In-depth 2 hour tours on Thursdays at 10 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.  
  • Gift Shop Clerks are the first staff members that greet our guests and answer traveler questions. Volunteers in our Gift Shop handle merchandise sales and aid the Gift Shop supervisor with assistance to keep the shop running. Volunteers sign up for Sunday, Thursday or Off-Schedule tours. 

Administrative / Office Support

  • Archives – work with the Operations Manager and the Office Assistant in the researching, review and organization and display of the various historical documents and artifacts of the house.
  • Clerical – works with the office staff producing mailings, filing and general work around the office.
  • Database / Computer – volunteer works with the Volgistics Volunteer Data Base, Giftworks Program, facility documents and files pertaining to maintenance, operations and the like.
  • Newsletter – volunteers write articles relative to special events, taking pictures of events and the facility and assisting with promoting and marketing the house.
  • Website – volunteer assists with the maintenance of the website, updating the calendar, pictures and news articles. Also be work with WIK’s social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Christmas Decorating

  • With the Team Captain this group of volunteers decorates the house in mid-November  and then in mid-January takes down the decorations. This Team works closely with the Events Support Team.

Event Support

  • Chaperone – volunteers attend a particular room within the House during general public open-house type events. You would care for the room during the visits of our guests and give a brief description or history of the room answering minor questions our guests may have and thus provide crown control and protect our historical house.
  • Coat Check – volunteers check in/out our guests coats during large public events.
  • Setup – volunteers are the behind the scenes heart of any event as they are the ones setting up tables and chairs, bringing Christmas decorations up from the basement for the Decorating Team and similar hidden efforts.
  • Teardown – volunteers are the behind the scenes heart of any event as they are the ones taking down tables and chairs, transporting Christmas decorations  and similar hidden efforts.



Facility / Carpentry:

  • Carpenter – volunteers make minor repairs to the House such as re-hanging a Breezeway gate, tightening hinge screws or helping to replace deteriorated deck or trim wood.
  • Handyman – volunteers take care of minor physical projects such as changing a door lock, working on a window sash lock, installing window screens in spring and removing in fall.


  • These Team members with their captain groom the yard and gardens to showcase our beautiful house. Each spring volunteers refresh the gardens and plant flowers in the planters and beds.  We need volunteers to take the responsibility to weed, trim, water, deadhead flowers and improve the garden beds.


  • Housekeeping Team members help to clean the house. Regular times are scheduled quarterly. Cleaning is usually one or two hours.


  • Mechanic – volunteers work on the HVAC equipment, oiling pump motors, replacing air filters and general maintenance of the six (6) air conditioning air handlers.
  • Electrician – volunteers perform basic electrical service and repairs such as replacing light bulbs and lamp holders, checking out tripped GFIC outlets, replacing emergency or exit lights which are readily accessible and when needed.
  • Plumber – volunteers take care of issues with dripping faucets, trim repair or replacement, replacing burn out sump pumps and the like.

Special Events:

  • Volunteer members along with their Team Captain handle special social events by working on the planning, activities, decorations and refreshments or dinners to be served.  Examples of past events are the Yesteryear Reunion, Toast of the Town and the like.

The lawn mowing and treatment, snow removal and major equipment service is handled by outside services, but everything else is done by volunteers. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact our volunteer team at or call 815.936.9630.  

Volunteer orientation is held as needed, usually on a Saturday morning from 10:00-11:30am. Let us know by phone or email if you plan to attend so materials will be available for you. Volunteer and help us continue to operate educational programs and maintain this American landmark.